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a and r music label contacts | Finding the right one for you

a and r music label contacts | Finding the right one for you
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A and r music label contacts can be difficult to find. Especially if you've focused on producing music for release rather than a specific style suited to your favourite record label. So we've created a section to help you find the right a and r contacts for you.

What should you look for before contacting the a and r of a record label?

Match up your genre first of all. When filtering our a and r contacts, you can choose which genre your demo submission will be in.

Secondly you want to compare your number of followers with that of the record label. I recommend multiplying your fan numbers by 5 and then filtering that result. An example is, you have 220 fans, then multiply that by 5 to get 1100. Once you've filtered the genres of a and r contacts, then filter the fans or follower option 1001-3000. This will give you a good idea of what options are available.

If you'd like us to contact all a and r representatives for you at once, then simply purchase the submit music package and we'll contact you accordingly.

What to include in your demo submission to the a and r

When you're thinking of sending out a demo submission to an a and r representative, then you will want to include a simple Soundcloud link to your demos. In the links, so let the record label know which one is your favourite if you're sending more than one.

You should also include your DJ name and personal contact info, Facebook and Soundcloud profile pages, as well as Beatport it applicable.

It's best to keep it short, but feel free to add a quick biography about yourself and why you think you would suit the record label.

Image is everything. Keep it neat and tidy and stay humble. Record labels don't like to work with pre-madonnas unless they cannot refuse to, but don't hold back on enthusiasm and pointing out what drives you within this DJ career choice.