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3 steps | Making your own beats

3 steps | Making your own beats
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3 steps towards making your own beats

One of the issues that you as a DJ have today, is finding the time to make your own beats. With all the other aspects of a DJ career on your shoulders, being expected to release EDM tracks is sometimes too much. There is of course help out there in the form of ghost producers, but if you're adamant in making your own beats, then perhaps this blog post can help. Taking the first step to audio engineering and production of your own music beats is the biggest. The learning aspects massive. This is why I've broken it down for a clearer overview.

Step 1: Buying the best beat making software | Top 10

In this blog, there's a post that goes into great detail about which music production software is best. For more info about buying the best beat making software, perhaps take a look at that as well. Which software to choose for making your own beats is crucial. There are many to choose from, but 10 digital audio workstations (DAWs) stand out from the rest. These programs are either suitable for PC or Mac. Some of course work on both.

-Ableton Live


-Logic Pro X

-FL Studio

-Cubase (often chosen to be the best out of a top 10 review)




-Studio One (Deemed a favourite by one of our top ghost producers called Beachslap. It helps him be more efficient, fast and improve quality at the same tip. I mean just take a listen to one of his more recent ghost productions Vocal Ready Slap.)

-Acid Music Studio

Things to consider when buying the best beat making software (DAW) are numerous. Things like pricing may effect you, though the majority of DAWs are in a similar price range. One can of course illegally download any program nowadays, free music production software is easily found. I however recommend to spend that bit of money on the legal version. Not only as it's the right thing to do, but also incase you run into any issues and need help from the manufacturer.

Consider researching the cost of Plugins suited to the production music interface. High investments later on to achieve the same results as with another DAW could change your choice of music creation software.

Are you interested in the Soundbanks included? Will they match your EDM production style? Each music creation software has its own feel and function regarding. Interface and sample library included. Logic Pro for example can have a huge Soundbank, but I personally never used 0.01% of it. Perhaps your investment may be worth more somewhere else in that case?

What about beat making software customer care? From all my research, though never used myself, it seems apparent that Logic customer support is the worst available. So if you have a problem with this music creation software made by Apple, you might as well scrap it and start again using Cubase or Ableton. One thing that really gets to me is bad customer care. So using my research I advise towards acquiring a different DAW altogether.

Of course compatibility is a concern. Is the music creation program suited to your devices and Hardware? Are the drivers up to date? The last thing you want to do before making your own beats, is struggle with getting a $2000 device working. The frustration can be endless. Another reason why choose a beat making software with good customer care is key.

All in all, see what fellow audio producers think about each. Preferably ones who follow the same style of EDM as you do. That way plugin compatibility and hardware issues may be addressed.

Step 2: Find music production hardware | Build your EDM Studio

Building an EDM Studio takes a lot of knowledge to get it right. There is a big difference to be experienced between little effort and a lot being put in. Take your time to find music production hardware suited to your music creation needs. There’s a lot of money here to be lost, or saved. Auction sites are a great way to get your hands on top quality second hand music production hardware. Don’t shy away from a good deal.

Depending on your EDM style or genre you wish to pursue, different hardware may be used. Researching what similar producers and audio engineers use for making your own beats is never a bad move. Many music producers take some time to record videos and show their fans how they create their audio tracks. Here you’ll find out for example which Sampler they use. Maybe you’re interested in a Loop Machine, or Vocoder. Whatever your requirement for making your own beats, learn from the best DJs and producers.

There’s a lot of skill involved in building your own EDM Studio. Take your time to get it right and save as much money in the process as you can. A familiar site for small home recording studios is egg cartons on the wall. Though there are more professional ways to enhance the sound quality of your ambient surroundings, egg cartons is a good start if you’re on a tight budget.

Music production speaker placement is another key feature to consider. There are many ways to do it wrong and very few to get it right. Check out this interesting post to find out about correct speaker positions.

Finally, make sure you’re comfortable when making your own beats in your new home EDM Studio. You’ll be spending a lot of time in this space and comfort is vital to your productivity and audio creativity. Don’t be cheap when it comes to a good chair.

Step 3: Audio Engineering and Production | How to create EDM

Now you have your home recording studio sorted, you need to fill your Soundbank with Samples. There are many places to find expert sounds and samples, as well as presets for your hardware and software. One of them is Loopmasters. This is not a fun process really, especially when you have ideas in mind and spend days trying to find any sample pack suited to your EDM style. I must say that Sample searching is one of the most tiresome things to do. Once you’ve spent hundreds of dollars, you’re ready to finally begin producing EDM music.

With all this complete, do you actually know how to create EDM professionally? If not, you’re in for the long haul. Our Ghost Producers have over 200 years of experience between them. Seems like you’ve got some catching up to do then. Let’s look at how you can learn to be an Audio Engineer and Music Producer.

There are excellent music producer schools out there. Have a look into some of them, such as Sonic Academy and Ai. Soon we’ll be releasing a section to help you cheaply and effectively learn music production techniques. We’ll be offering you music production video tutorials. Purchasing access to courses, or individual learning kits for Hardware and Software, you’ll have a great chance to speed up the process of becoming a good music producer and learn how to create EDM.

Other methods of making your own beats and getting release

Our key business lies in selling top quality EDM ghost productions. We help all DJs like yourself and no less than the best in increasing their release rate. Boosting a DJ career is simple. The more tracks you get out there, the more excellent marketing you can perform. If you’re wondering how to start a DJ career, then make sure your DJ name is plastered over music tracks and remixes. Branding is more important than you can imagine. So the option of making your own beats and learning how to become an Audio Engineer and Producer is less important. As a DJ you’re role is to get your name out there and entertain. Contact our customer support for more info and review our online music producers and their ghost productions. Simply buying one gives you the exclusive right to place your DJ name on it and sell it. All this is 100% anonymous and you hence have nothing to lose, only gain.

If you are more interested in just getting help when making your own beats, our Ghost Producers are here to assist. Perhaps you’re looking for mastering engineers, or someone to refine your drops and add an intro? Whatever the task, we can effectively assist and make you next release a success. This has been our core business for years and some of the best known DJs use us to help them stay on top.

I hope this blog post helped you decide on your route to your next release and hope we can be of assistance to you soon. It’s always exciting working on new projects in new styles. If you want a remix done, then please make sure you have the remix stems at the ready.