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Music Producer Jobs | Becoming a music producer – Producerfactory

Producer Factory offers music producers such as yourself the chance to sell your music tracks exclusively in our store as ghost productions. Allowing you to sell each track individually for a lump sum. This will include the distribution rights then transferred automatically to the buyer. The DJ who purchases your music track will be allowed to release and sell it using his or her own name.

What are ghost productions ?

Ghost productions are music tracks produced by a different artist than the one selling it. This is common practice within the music industry. Most major stars use this method, as most are not able to produce music or manage to have the time to. Music labels put large amount of pressure on their DJ artists to travel and make money, reducing the opportunity for them to sit in the studio and work on new releases. This is certainly sad considering that many DJs out there today would love to create their own music. They just simply dont have the chance to. This is where your services come in. So, are you looking to sell music tracks as ghost productions on the market leading website to help the DJs wishing to make the most of their entertaining skills? We certainly would like to offer you the chance to become a part of Producer Factory.

How do I become a ghost producer ? There are two ways you can become a ghost producer.

1. Fill out the form below and begin our reviewing process. Youll be able to create a profile and upload some tracks for the admin to review. If accepted, your music will appear in our ghost production section.

2. Simply contact us with your example tracks, and we will review them carefully to see if you are fit for Producer Factory