1. Step

Provide the info about your desired remix in our form and add in links to similar production styles and the Remix Files.

2. Step

We’ll provide an offer, collect and freeze the funds to initiate the remix production process.

3. Step

During the remix production phase, you’ll receive Demos to help you guide the Ghost Producer in the right direction.

4. Step

Upon completion you’ll receive the mixed and mastered WAV files and new Remix Stems as standard.

Remix Production | Made to your specifications

Our Remix Service offers you the opportunity to have a custom remix production made to your specifications. With over 60 Ghost Producers carefully hand-picked, you have the best at your fingertips. Simply fill out our easy step by step form and get your remix project started today.

Why do you need a Remix?

Remixes are a great way to boost your music production portfolio with known tracks suited to your style. Fans love Remixes as it shines a new and refreshing light on existing tracks. Using such for promotional and non-profit purposes will gain you exposure via shares on social media sites for example. Don’t miss an opportunity to boost your DJ Career.