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Choose your perfect package from C-List to A-List labels. Are you looking for a solo EP or a co-release of a Single to boost your DJ name?

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Track production will begin to suit the standard of the label you’re after and you’ll receive the finished and mastered files for review.

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Pick your release options and complete the contracts and paperwork to secure your deal.

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Receive the artwork and planned release date so you can prepare your marketing plan.

Label release | Ghost Production

Our unique service offers you the opportunity to purchase a package that guarantees you a release under your DJ name or 100% of you money back. Use this service to promote yourself and generate material for marketing purposes. Every DJ with a strong portfolio is an attractive DJ.

DJ promotion is key | Customer testimonial

The new 360-degree service offered by Producer Factory really is the best career-launching package you could possibly hope for. Not only does it provide the expertise of top-quality Ghost Producers to make your dream track, but it also goes one step further by providing a guaranteed release of that track on a record label. Read our customer testimonial via the button below.