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Progressive ghost productions for exclusive purchase

Our category Progressive ghost productions offers you the chance to buy a Progressive track exclusively for your own use. Increase your DJ music portfolio by owning top-quality world-class Progressive ghost productions. Producer Factory offers world-class progressive ghost productions for anyone's use. We act upon a first come first serve basis and you are also welcome to book any track accordingly. Please contact our Producer Factory team if you have any questions or wish to reserve any particular track in our store. They will be happy to assist. So take that bold step and begin your DJ career professionally rather than working with the hobby DJ segment. Today you can begin to realise your DJing dream.

What is a progressive ghost production?

Well progressive ghost productions our tracks made by music producers, who have decided to sell their unreleased freshly made progressive track exclusively on Producer Factory. Purchasing a progressive production from Producer Factory, will result in you acquiring the distribution rights with the track. This means you're able to sell your newly purchased progressive production, on any platform you desire. The track can be named or renamed to your liking be associated with your DJ alias. Offering your fans top-quality music productions at very reasonable prices, means you can keep their attention and offer the enjoyment of the DJ desires. Owning progressive dice productions can help you gain more bookings, attention from the label, offer a variety to your fans and stand out from the masses. No longer need you be hiding behind the common, you can aim to impress.