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Deep house exclusive ghost productions

We have a wide range of Deep House exclusive ghost productions for sale. Please feel free to purchase any track from Arsenal, that will automatically remove it from stock and the shop. When you purchase a Deep House exclusive ghost production, then that track belongs to you and you alone. You are then able to sell, distribute and use the track as you wish. You may so any of our ghost productions or custom ghost productions and your DJ name once purchased. If you hear a track you like, but would prefer a few alterations to be made then please don't hesitate to contact us or the original ghost producer.

You can now purchase any Deep House ghost production in our store and sell it under your DJ name

If you're looking to add vocals, as your signature sound, or simply have a radio and extended edit made then we are more than happy to help. Art top-quality world-class team of deep house ghost producers are here to assist. If you can't find anything you like in our store, and simply contact us or your preferred producer and we can arrange a custom track made to your specifications within the deep house or any other genre. The process is made as simple as effective as possible from which you may benefit today. So don't wait any longer and rise above the rest with top quality music productions under your name.