Make your success with our Ghost Producers

Every DJ would like to become successful. Stand onstage with thousands of fans jumping to their mixes and tracks. What most DJs can’t do themselves is create their own music for release to build a signature sound or style for branding purposes. This is where Producer Factory comes into play. We’ll help by providing you with top quality ghost productions that even top names in the charts today use. With over 60 Ghost Producers in our team, there’ll always be one perfectly suited to get you that hit you’re looking for. Don't forget, our service covers much more than you think.

Ghost Producing | The secret sauce to your DJing success

Have you ever wondered how 20 year old DJs manage to become so successful, travelling the world with 5 events a week and still manage to pump out The answer is simple. They adopt a teamwork ethic to their DJ name and brand. Every DJ busy with releases, marketing and travelling, needs to stay on top of their game. For this reason they hire our Ghost Producers to make the music for them. Making sure tracks and EPs are released on a regular basis keeps the branding strong and DJ name relevant. It’s key to any successful DJ and if your goal is be famous, then contact us and discuss how we can help you today.

Custom Ghost Production Track

Our ghost music producers will make your own beats suited to your every need without compromising quality. Our professionals know how to produce music and I would assume you’re looking to get signed to a large and successful music label, right? Play with the big names in the industry and stand out from the masses. Our online music producers will make your DJ songs level with successful releases and with your guidance, we cannot fail to satisfy your request.

We placed focus right from the beginning in getting the best music producers for all custom ghost production price ranges possible. We handpicked through hundreds of ghost music producers and accepted only sixty in total so far. Even less of these become custom track ghost producers able to make your own beats for you.

Remix Ghost Production

For a DJ and online music producer, it is very important to stand out from the masses of artists out there today. One way is to remix songs that people know well and are popular. Famous DJ entertainers commonly use very popular songs to remix. Avicii for example remade and remixed the song “Hey Brother” and made it his own. I guarantee that people even believe it’s an original of his and have no idea about how to remix a song. All that was needed were the remix stems.

Our online music producer team are experts at creating the best remix songs you could ask for. Simply provide us with remix stems and we’ll work on your remix comp entry. With multiple releases winning remix comp challenges, our professional online music producer team will happily do their best to make your remix a success. With many of our online music producers having up to 15 years of remixing experience, your remix will be in the best of hands.

360° Guaranteed Release Package | Do you want a Single or an EP?

A major addition to our service has been the 360° guaranteed release package. Here you can choose between a solo or co-release for a Single or an EP. Getting your name distributed throughout all major channels is the perfect chance to boost your branding and become a known DJ. We can also guarantee you a top charts position if required. Ask now!

Ghost Productions in-store | EDM genres and more | Tracks ready for release

Our original and unique service began with this section. We were the first to offer such a service where you could visit our site and purchase ready-made tracks for your DJ name including all the rights. Soon after we came online, the market was flooded by low quality copycats. Our main focus is and will always be top quality and strict acceptance policy for Ghost Producers secure our customers’ with only the best ghost productions for their budget.

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