EDM music production One Eye Open is a Secret Weapon Deep House track

EDM One eye open by Secret Weapon

Secret Weapon
Deep House
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Description by “EDM One eye open “ Ghost Production

EDM music production One Eye Open is a Secret Weapon Deep House track EDM One Eye Open by Secret Weapon is an infectious Deep House track with a dirty fat bass line. This EDM ghost production moves and grooves throughout. The breakdown will have the crowd jumping with a classic rave piano build up. What more could you ask for? This EDM track could be yours and yours alone. If you're interested in stems or midi files, please contact us and we'll assist you with this request. Most EDM ghost producers are happy to provide you with these files and Secret Weapon is one of these willing ghost music producers to do what it takes to make your request a success. Comment by ProducerFactory We've now worked with Secret Weapon on multiple occasions and our impression of his skill and enthusiasm to satisfy our customers requests are matched by few. Not only does he work in a fantastic studio many only dream of, but he is furthering his education in the EDM music sector to improve on his already excellent skills and understanding. The passion and flexibility towards his work life is admirable and greatly appreciated by ProducerFactory. He's quick to respond and intelligent at understanding what is required of him to complete a task given. This obviously makes our life working with Secret Weapon easy and pleasurable. This is then also clearly reflected in any request you might have for him. Not only can Secret Weapon create excellent productions that can suit your desire in many genres, but he accommodates any need without delay or dismay. We're lucky to have Secret Weapon as one of our top producers and we can fully recommend him to you as a brilliant partner for your wanted and needed music productions. Take the plunge and find out in a safe and comfortable environment how Secret Weapon can help you with you dream music track.