Our music producers will Remix a song and make Original tracks

  Any competitor of Producer Factory you may visit can certainly offer you ghost productions for cheap, but I guarantee you that they are using simplified and non-individual methods to achieve average results. Where exactly are average results going to get you? Our music producers will Remix a song and make Original tracks suited to your every need without comprimisig quality. I would assume you're looking to get a signing with a large and successful music Label, play with the big names in the industry and stand out from the masses. If this isn't what you're looking for, then there are honestly many other similar places alike to Producer Factory that you can cheaply get something put together quickly. We placed focus right from the beginning in getting the best music producers for all custom made track ghost production price ranges possible. We handpicked through thousands of ghost music producers and accepted only fifty in total so far. Even less of these become music producers for custom made music productions. This dedication to quality and of course our unbeatable customer servicegives us the upper-hand over the competition. Simply put, are you looking to release high-end top quality music ghost production tracks? Then Producer Factory is the right site for you.    

What we can offer you?

  Producer Factory offers you the service of a custom made track produced to your request. Our top ghost producers welcome any project whether it may be using an existing template you require polishing, a track to integrate your vocals or a series of tracks to ensure consistency and high output to successfully entertain your fans. We also work closely and often with remix requests. We can create a remix song out of remix stems that simply will hold your competition at bay. Sometimes producing remix songs may be the best option to quickly gaining recognition within the industry. We prefer to work with remix stems and even midi files if available, as this helps the overall quality and accuracy of the resulting music prodcution. The custom made track service contains so much more than you can ever imagine. The successes and surprises we have experienced during our months online have been numerous. Not only can you have a ghost production made to your specification, but you might also end up with a ghost producer who is just right for you. The level of teamwork achieved over Producer Factory is unmatched in this industry. Perhaps today is the day you find the right music producer for you and your DJ career. (Check our videoand learn more about our service of custom ghost productions and remix song productions.)      

How do custom ghost productions and remix songs work?

  We will request examples of your desired custom made ghost production or remix song to ensure we produce along the lines you expect. First we'll calculate the workload and find the optimal producer to cater for you. It is also possible to define a music producer yourself by simply browsing our tracks in the shop. Once both parties are clear on the proceedings, you will receive an offer and the process can begin. During the music production phase as shown in the steps lower down the page, you'll receive demos and the chance to comment on the progress. Allowing our customers input in their ghost custom made music track production, not only allows us to ensure satisfactory results, but also gives us the ability to learn about your needs. Learning about the style, feel and energy your custom made track should entail, allows for us to increase effectiveness in any future projects you may bring to our top qualtiy service. It's our highest priority to achieve top results for all our customers wanting custom made tracks and this is done without compromise. It's vital to our highest levels of expectations from our own custom track service, that we always improve on every project completed on our site. Everyone's wishes and requests are one hundred percent individual and to create some kind of understanding and process efficiency is not at all simple. (Use our video to learn more about Producer Factory)      

Custom track FAQ's

  Q: How much does it cost to produce a custom made track in a given genre?   A: This of course is a very fair question and I always try my best to give an answer that suffices. The difficulty is, that the price of a ghost production can vary greatly due to a magnitude of parameters. For example, if a track is produced in a world class studio by an educated producer, the cost of equal time spent in a home built studio will differ greatly. The results however won't be the same. Using the highest level of technology and understanding allows for much more breadth and definition within the track, broadening the spectrum and reach of the sound. Elements with energy are important, but configuring all to fit together and hold their own combined energy is a very different story. So the cost of a track is as much as you want the results to be good. Producers for large names can ask for tens of thousands of dollars. We do however have excellent producers working in top end studios for much less than this, mainly due to the fact that they haven't had the chance to produce for the highest tier. This of course effects the price of a custom made track greatly. I say they haven't produced for the best yet, but I'm not so sure how far off they are. We do seem to have multiple top level customers for a custom made track of whom of course not a word will be said, but the curiosity is teasing. Anyways let's get back to the point, which is we also have highly professional and accepted ghost producers within good labels with whom we can easily accommodate the lower budget ranges for tracks and remixes. We have established the boundary of quality to be acceptable to the Producer Factory standards and the price range begins at £349 and continues upwards. The larger the budget for a ghost production, the more professional and experienced the producer and the equipment, hence the better the results of the custom made track or remix.   Q: How much does a remix cost?   A: Remixes are usually a more simpler task, as we're provided with remix stems and hence boundaries of what to work with. Customers then understandably have a liking to the track provided and hence the remix song elements will be similar in one way or another. Remixes can offer our producers quite a bit of freedom and room for experimentation. As the process of remixing continues and the customer provides the producer with further direction,  do see that our remix projects seem to run even smoother and hence faster. This then lowers the cost of a remix to be made, but again the same answer as above is present. It all really depends on what level of production and producer you want for your remix.   Q: How long does it take to produce a custom made track? When will my ghost production be finished?  A: The production time of a custom made track can consume anywhere between 2 to 4 weeks depending on the size of the task and request. High end tracks have taken even longer than 4 weeks. Reasons being, we went in to deep conversation with the customer and producer about how to go about certain factors. We have even experienced over a week of planning before production has even begun. These events are fantastic to experience and they never get tiring. I honestly can say that the professional partnerships achieved on our site sometimes leaves me utterly speechless. There have even been a handful of situations where my tasking and input became absolutely redundant. So, I'm sitting here watching the most incredible musical creations I have ever heard come together. How do we respond to this? We lower the clients pricing for a custom made track or remix, as my time consumed is reduced. Producer Factory is such a living organism designed to achieve optimal results for each and every individual. Like the best tools and services out today, learning is the core to it's success, but it takes immense efforts to make this effective and longterm. So far, we seem to be on the right path and hope you'll be in agreement with this once you have tried out our custom made track services. Below are a few very simplified steps to the real world occurrence designed to work with you in close quarters to ensure your approval and guidance during development of your ghost music production. This is a failsafe way to achieve your full satisfaction at all times for your remix or custom track request.    

What are the steps during a custom made track production?

  Step 1 - First review of the custom made track, here you can comment on the production and offer alterations suitable to your requirements. Step 2 - Second review with alterations and if all's well we move onto the final step. Step 3 - Mastering and completion. Our posted tracks can also be altered to your needs at your request e.g. vocals you recorded can be added and re-mastered. We happily can also offer very affordable mastering from £79 to suit your budget and needs. Thank you for your interest in our custom made track service section. We look forward to working with you soon. If you have anymore questions about our ghost production service, then please don't hesitate to contact us    Music Genres sitemap   Downbeat       Dubstep       Electro        Electro-house         Electro-step      House       Deep House Tech house     Minimal        Movie/Game/TV     Progressive     R`n`B/Pop        Techno      Trance     Video sitemap    Video Trailer     Services sitemap   Social Marketing      Services      Contact us     Producer Factory relevant Blog threads   Why use our ghost production service? EDM ghot producing, is this bad practice? Music producer contracting How to remix a song