Bubble beat

Bubble beat by Hassan Khan

Hassan Khan
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Description by “Bubble beat “ Ghost Production

Music producer Hassan Khan and Bubble beat is Movie/Game/TV ghost production Bubble beat is a fantastic

Bubble beat is a fantastic ghost production by our music producer Hassan Khan. It's original feel and energy make it desirable for a background track. Bubble beat and it's chilled aspects echo throughout the track giving it a familiar and welcoming sensation. The grungy distorted aspects of Bubble beat then give it full body to keep this looping masterpiece flowing. This is perfect or any game or movie that requires a foundational tone to it. Bubble beat can easily never get boring and the skill required to achieve this result is impressive. Of course if any request is given to alter or increase length of Bubble beat, add elements or assist with further productions. Then  Hassan Khan welcomes your request. Thank you and good luck with your projects and we hope you enjoy Bubble beat!

Comment by Producer Factory

Hassan Khan is an excellent element builder and generates wonderful results. He is difficult to pass by if your looking for serious projects of alternative nature. His style always consists of grimy sounds and distorted features leading it to feel used and familiar to listeners of the tape deck and vinyl era. His productions certainly have been liked by many at ProducerFactory and they are well sought after. As a dedicated ghost producer to your requests, he's effective and pleasant to work with. Any request you have will be made a success. Music producer Hassan Khan is a very versatile ghost producer, who's diversity is priceless as a longterm partner. He always likes to receive inputs and suggestions from his clients and us. For obvious reasons this is greatly beneficial for a client and for us. We can always request products we are slim in for him to fill up the shop with excellent productions. It's a pleasure to call Hassan Khan one of our producers and we hope you enjoy his repertoire as much as we do. If you can't find anything to your taste, well any request can be arranged. We at ProducerFactory wish you the best of success in your career.