Bassline Experiment M

Bassline Experiment M by Luke Max

Luke Max
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Description by “Bassline Experiment M “ Ghost Production

Music producer Luke Stars Bassline Experiment M is a Minimal track Bassline Experiment M is a Minimal ghost

Bassline Experiment M is a Minimal ghost production available for purchase to release on any and all distribution platforms the internet has to offer. Luke Stars is the ghost producer who made Bassline Experiment M. The quality of Luke Stars ghost productions are exceptional. This track Bassline Experiment M displays the skill of this producer on one level, but there are many other genres and styles Luke is very familiar with. The simplicity of Bassline Experiment M is picture perfect. Though being simple the track remains to be interesting and alive with cool vibes and professional layering, mixing and mastering. If you are in need of the stems and midi files for Bassline Experiment M, then Luke Stars will certainly collect these for you for an extra £100. Comment by ProducerFactory Luke Stars a ghost producer for ProducerFactory joined us a while back now in 2013. Luke Stars quickly became one of our top ghost producers proving again and again that his abilities stretch far and wide. The success rate he has in the ghost productions he makes as custom made tracks for clients is great to experience. He approaches projects by closely reviewing the customers request. From this understanding he manages to provide the clients with exactly what they want. Their expectations have never not been met, even in the first demo provided. This solid achievement is no small feature and we're proud to call Luke Stars one of the ProducerFactory team. If you're looking to have a ghost production made to your liking, then we recommend you review the tracks such as Bassline Experimental M by Lukas Stars. Listening to his ghost productions and gaining an understanding of the quality he provides will certainly be enough to convince you even before you experience his professionalism to go ahead with a ghost production of your choice. We really recommend Luke Stars as your producer. Our experience with Luke Stars has so far been of top standards and with his ghost productions being of top quality really shows that this exceptional producer is right for you.