About Producerfactory

Producer Factory started off as an idea. This idea originated from our experience within the music industry. Learning the tricks of the trade, our services as freelances included creating ghost productions for a select few customers. There was no platform where we managed any transactions or projects, there was no website where we advertise our ghost producing skills. We just simply had our selection of customers and were happy.

As the years progressed we noticed how the majority of top names within the industry use ghost producers as a source of music productions. We also noticed how that many who contacted us discussed about the situation of ghost producing as a very scam ridden market. All of us within the music industry know how difficult it is to make money and the option to spend money on nothing is not an option. Upon hearing this news, we decided to create a safe haven for DJs desiring to hire ghost produces to create their tracks. This is such a common thing within the music industry, that we didn't really expect any kind of attention and just wanted to offer music producers the chance to earn some more money and offer DJs the tricks that the well-known use behind doors.

Our first aim was to remove risk and provide a platform for teamwork to thrive. For the music industry it is most important that the market is saturated with excellent music. To present the music one requires a skilled and individual entertainer. At Producer Factory you can hire some ghost producer to make that excellent music, giving you the music track portfolio to present with your skills. Only the best rise to the top, so we wanted to create a platform where the best can meet to work together.

Our History

Producer Factory came online in June 2013. We were forced off-line until the end of July due to crackers messing around with our website, which actually provided hilarious results. The best was a picture of David Guetta saying something like, “Hope no one finds out that I buy my tracks here!” and when I saw this, I nearly fell over laughing. Nonetheless this joke made us aware of our server security and we had to improve. We did not go back online until we were sure that we had done all we can to avoid any security breach in the future. 

At the initial stage when we first went online, the news of Producer Factory spread like wildfire. Our customer service team was constantly working for about 72 hours in total answering to emails both supportive and threatening. As suddenly as the email storm began, it halted. This was due to our website being taken off-line by our server hosting company. Frustrating as it was losing our initial momentum thanks to our server hosting company taking us off-line, we managed to improve the website within weeks, secure it and relaunch. After a slow relaunch of Producer Factory, attention from those supporting Producer Factory began to collect. With such support from the initial customers and not yet established producers, we offered our services with caution. As soon as our first track from the store was purchased and a few custom tracks produced, we realised that the market for ghost productions was larger than we ever fathomed and we heard more about scammers ripping off our new-coming customers. Very soon we managed to gain the trust from a handful of motivated, energetic and skilled DJs. This select few kept our dream alive of creating a safe haven for music producers and DJs alike. So we ensured to offer the best customer service available, top quality productions and continued on an upward curve tirelessly overcoming each obstacle in our way. There were certainly many to overcome. At this stage on Producer Factory 1.0, we didn't really have much knowledge of the online ghost producing market. We had to learn, and we had to improve and we had to overcome our copycat competition.