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Fill out this form to get in contact with our customer support team. We will then create a release plan to get your single or EP into distribution via a well-known independent record label. Working from scratch, we will assist with the music production all the way up to release.

This form is to simply get in contact with us and we will begin the order process depending on your requirements. Get your DJ name out there today and enjoy the benefits of a professional single or EP release. All admin, cover design and music distribution is included. We look forward to boosting your DJ career with our 360° Package.

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Customer: What if the Ghost Producer is not to my liking and I have already paid?

PF Team:

Relax. We have a full money back guarantee policy on all our music production services. This covers all first demos.

Customer: I do not want my money back, I have found a different producer!

PF Team:

Ok, then we will transfer the project for you.

Customer: I’m blatantly not going to be able to have any input am I?

PF Team:

You certainly will. Every demo we send, we ask for detailed comments and then apply them for your review.

Customer: What files to I get?

PF Team:

It depends on the service you choose, but with remix projects and custom ghost productions, you will get the master WAV and remix stems. Extra files can be purchased, for example the DAW project file.

We keep it simple, clear and easy for all to enjoy and benefit from. Our aim is to get that release that will make you say "Bro, I f***ing LOVE YOU! Thank you!”, like a recent customer did.

Give our music production service a go and get your remix or track made by the professional producer you need.